LOL GIF *video* I made for Purplepotimus

Me likey.

Well you almost spelled his name correctly.

Second, that’s not a .gif, it’s a youtube video.

Third, you didn’t make that, it’s been around for years.

What you DID do is take a .gif, put it in a video editor, added background music, and uploaded it to youtube. So kudos for that, I guess.



ok? Good for you you can fail at trolling people. And iit was originally a gif, obviously. & I dont give if my wording wasn’t exactly to your standard my gooood sir. I know i didnt make the actual gif because i said it was for him and he already has the gif as his pic. Good for you for pointing out the obvious, I’m impressed, want a medal?

Quite frankly I don’t think he was trolling.


I think this thread needs to be closed.

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Ok, well he didnt have to take how ever long it took him to write that out ust because he wants attention or something:P Everything he said was completely obvious.

well he just had to post that comment:)

It took me roughly 4 hours to type out (I’m a slow typer).

You say that you know you didn’t make the original .gif, but the name is the thread is ‘GIF I made…’. That’s not pointing out the obvious, that’s just…well I’m not sure exactly what that is, but it’s annoying.

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Yeah, Jayyo is right.

You don’t have to freak out, CLYW, lol. LinksLegionaire proved you wrong, that’s the end of it.

You guys must be oblivious to what I just said. He proved nothing wrong, and if he did I’d be fine and say “I stand corrected” but he didn’t. I’m not freaking out, I’m just saying, im getting tired of people posting crap on my videos and posts, sorry I’ve had a long day.

ok, dont mean to butt in, but why is CLYW always getting picked on here ???

I think he was just implying that he Purple’s avatar gif and made it into video form.

I dunno I guess he sets himself up for it sometimes I guess.

He wasn’t trolling, or trying to get any attention. He was just pointing out what he saw, and without any more information than what you originally posted I would agree with him. Next time just be better with your wording, if you are lazy with that online people are going to call you out on it. Don’t expect them to know what you haven’t told them, it’s just how it works.



No to what?

If you think you can expand off of what you originally said, then fine. Go right ahead and post more, but right now it doesn’t seem like much more than an argument.

I was joking:P Sorry about that.

Meanwhile in China …there is much peace between the chickens and buckethead.