Here’s your chance to win this Palli Puffin!!! All details are here on our website:



Hours of Photoshopping ahead of me >_>

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I’m not very good at editing, but here is my art:


So since i have started yoyoing i have fell in love with the CLYW Throws.I am most definitely a “CLYW”. Here is my idea for my own “friend” to the comic!!! =D it is me mixed with a pig lol in a weird way i think he is kind of cute. XD I call him the Polar Pig!TYPO in the first picture ahah! anyways he is equipped with a team edition Team Edition Pom Beanie and matching scarf! =D (he has to stay warm in artic!)
the second picture is just some laser engraving examples(the color was just to add something, it looked very plain) 3rd is the SUPER POLAR PIG!!! (he is ready for Halloween as you can tell) I would also like to point out his CLYW CAPE and mask!

Here’s my first entry Tell me if you guys like it!

So let’s say…

That made me giggle

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Maybe I should stop for a while…

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Or not…


I’m done for now…

Heres my entry. Hope you like it. Sorry. I have to use my iPhone so heres my Flickr link.

If it doesn’t work message me. It should work though.

I’m done


edited my entry :smiley:



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Hey guys, here’s my unfinished product so far - I’ll keep working on it throughout the month

Here’s my entry. Gnarwhal is transforming…

ER MAH GERD That’s cool!