Wooly Marmot Contest!

CLYW is having a Wooly Marmot drawing contest! Go to this link: http://www.cariboublog.com/?p=2764 and get the Wooly Marmot pic and mix it up anyway you want! It ends on September 10th!
I found this on the Caribou Blog and decided to show you guys. ;D

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AWESOME! Gonna enter for sure!

Awsome is that a yoyo blog?

True. But this is a contest to get a yoyo so it works. But it can also be in the Artwork Exhibition or the Contest section.

I already have some ideas for the contest!

I’m so entering!

i made a rockstar looking one.too bad i stink at using paint :’( l

I just made 2 wooly marmots. ;D

Party Marmot:

Skate Marmot:
Lol, Skate Marmot is better then my Party Marmot. :slight_smile:

I made 2 more today with COLOR! :wink:

Ninja Marmot:

Baseball Marmot:

Soon I’m hoping to make a American Football Marmot. Stay tuned! Lol. ;D

Thanks for this :slight_smile: Will enter the contest for sure :wink:

the winner

Mah 2.

Wow, thoughs are sick! ;D And what did you use? I use Paint and mine turn out good. :slight_smile:
I have 2 more, lol. Both in color.

Canada Camping Marmot

American Football Marmot

2 new ones
;D they turned out better

first one mutant marmot

second one Its a Caribou Christmas

Thanks. And, I use Photoshop.

2 more coming on the way. Haven’t decided what, yet. Thinking about doing one like a Halo Spartan xD

Also, Color version of The previous 2 coming with the 2 new ones.

The Shark-wal :smiley:

And, Little italian dude :smiley: :smiley:

I’ll raise you my improved Great White Marmot… since I had teh shark idea at first :stuck_out_tongue:

Beaver Marmot and Future Warrior Marmot! Like it?

Not liking Beaver so much, but I absolutely love the Future Warrior one :slight_smile:


Thanks! I just did the beaver one cause every entry counts right!
AND LOL! Did I just give you two thanks yous

I think so xD