Another Moon Walker contest!!! Details inside! :)


after a long wait, ALL of the yoyos are coming back from ano today (yes, that means the works works event will finally be over as well! :smiley: )

with a few more moon walkers to be had i figured why not do a contest to give someone else a chance to get a 280$+ yoyo for a SEVERELY discounted price

i KNOW im throwing myself to the wolves here, but the contest is simple (and still not yoyo related)

contestants must draw a picture of me, Heath Vizier of vsNYYC

the picture cant contain human nudity or be vulgar in any way (duh)

ill post this is a few other places as well

good luck and have fun!!!

(2Sick Joey) #2

When’s the deadline? Any other rules? Also how severely discounted are we talking on the moonwalker?


1 month maximum. no other rules. discounted enough :slight_smile:


I am working on my drawing right now


How big is this discount?


where do we post the picture? ???


you can post pictures here or email them to me or PM them to me or mail them to me or facebook them to me…etc…

the discount is enough to make it worth it. the Moon Walker will be one of the only 2 solid colors made, so probably 75$ shipped. if the drawing is good enough maybe free. who knows?



(Khent G) #9

Heath, can we send multiple entries?


VERY good question! and yes!!!


Bummer. I can’t draw T___T.
May the best artist win :]

(2Sick Joey) #12

Is this going to be judged purely in artistic talent or is creativity and other factors influence a winner?


no talent necessary. i will pick the one i like the most. youre making it a lot harder than it has to be


Here’s my second entry! ;D What do you guys think?


^ That’s actually pretty awesome.

(2Sick Joey) #16

A little editing to the picture but this is the drawing i did. Maybe a few more entries from me but I think it came out well. What do you guys think?


Who appraised the yoyo to be $280, like what would make such a yoyo that much?


every moonwalker is a 1 of a kind.

(Khent G) #19

I am so happy Andrew Maider let me try his Moonwalker at ECC 2011 if he remembers.



The market price for a Moonwalker is about $300. Rarity mostly.