Sniffy+CLYW win a Puffin Contest + Unbox Video


Hi everybody.

The new Sniffy Yoyo maker focus is CLYW and we are giving away a Puffin for this month’s contest.

Visit for details on how to enter and view the Puffin unboxing video.

Good luck.
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You and Chris are really cool for doing this. Giveaways are awesome!


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im in the same boat man


/facepalm Why can’t you get Twitter? It’s free! If you’re worried about giving away your email, just create a trash gmail account and use that. None of your privacy is intruded upon, and you could win a free awesome yoyo. What else is there to complain about?


Me can’t make a twitter, don’t ask why.


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For me it’s my parents they won’t let me sigh


So they let you become a member on a yoyo forum where I’m pretty sure you guys post at least once a day, to random strangers, many of whom you’ve never met and never will meet, and you also give out your address and send these random strangers money through paypal. But no, Twitter is just too much.


Twitter is on a much bigger scale.

I’m probably going to miss out on this too. :stuck_out_tongue:


I dont trade hence my trade count being zero Also this forum is very well moderated to make it an all age forum i honestly wouldnt mind letting a 5 year old read the majority of the post here


You could make the argument that not only is twitter as anonymous as you want it to be, like signing up with a burner email, but also unlike Facebook contact with the stream is opt in, and also unlike fb there isn’t a whole complex user home page with galleries and games to push your contact and personal info out to be shared with strangers.
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ok guys you convinced i will make an account.


Good luck to you and everyone else in the contest.
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Hi Sniffy i went to the blogspot and made a comment but i accidently put the wrong thing in the comment so i went back and deleted the comment and put a new one so im sorry if that messes up the system or anything I honestly wasnt trying to have two entries or anything sorry



No prob. Thanks for going back and fixing it.
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I just realized i just hurt my chances by creating more competition. Silly me.


Not his fault. Parents always have their reasons. Lots of my friends don’t have social networking accounts, and they do just fine. Your missing nothing by not having twitter, by the way. Its sooo stupid, I tried it for about a month.


While I completely agree, Twitter is a silly waste of time, i don’t see the logic in parents not wanting their kids involved in it just for a contest.