Sniffy contest ending in 55 min


Entries will be closed in 55 minutes. I urge everyone to go to and check to be sure you’re on the page. If not, contact me so we can be sure you’re included.

(liviooo) #2

I have already tried Unlocking my account. I am new to twitter, so I am no quite sure what I am doing. May you please see if I can receive a code now?


It is still locked, and you haven’t told me why you posted an entry with a code on the 11th


Can I request a code right now


I emailed requesting a code, but I suspect it’ll be too late. :frowning:

(liviooo) #6

May I just get a code through my email perhaps?


I replied to your email


Yes. Via twitter


My company has a email grey list, which didn’t occur to me until just now. I’m sure I’ll get the email in 10 minutes. :frowning:

If you’ll accept a late entry, please PM me the code, if not, I still heartily thank you for trying!


The email just said you’re not too late, go ahead and request a code via twitter.


No. This and all future contests are/will be Twitter only.


You have been tweetered. Thanks, brother!


Cool. I just sent your code.
Good luck


New entries are closed.

However if you already have a code and have an issue, or go to and don’t see your entry, let me know and we can figure it out before I do the drawing tomorrow.

I recommend everyone go to that page and make sure you’re posted. You can do a search within page for your twitter name to find your entry easily.

I know I’m repeating myself, but I don’t want anyone to be sad and find out after the drawing their entry didn’t post.

(liviooo) #15

I still never received any code.

(liviooo) #16

I tried posting and it kept sending error messages when I tried posting it. It did work? :stuck_out_tongue:

(liviooo) #17

I mean that I hasn’t been able to send the previous post on your blog…


So you did receive a code?

(liviooo) #19

Well I saw one through the blog that nobody had claimed, so I tried using that one, but other than that, I did not receive one through twitter.


Please clarify