Sniffy Yoyo contest

I wanted to join this contest and I was told to send a tweet to them asking for a code. How do you send a tweet to a person/organization?

At the beginning of the tweet type @ and their name. For example- @sniffyo

Will it show up to all of my followers?

Idk cuz I entered but I only have like 4 followers. No one that I know has a twitter acc. But does it matter if your followers see it?

I tried tweeting him Right after seeing responses and I never received any code back from him. That sucks. :frowning:

send him a dm

Whats a dm?

Direct message. send him one on twitter

Something is puzzling here. Your twitter account is locked, which means I would be unable to view a request for a code, or send you one.

However, I’m showing you as posting an entry the day before you posted to this thread…

If you are going to be included you’ll need to unlock your account before 5pm pst so I can validate the code you entered.

I’ll be doing that with all entries. Which is why entries close today but drawing is tomorrow.

As I said in the other thread, I saw a random code that was sitting around and I tried entering it. I thought it did not submit it because it kept sending error codes.

Now here’s the noob question. I tried to get a code last month for the Valve and tried this month for the Code2. If my acct is locked, how do I unlock it?

I’m not getting responses from anyone on twitter and i know I have asked for a code many many times.