How to make sure you properly entered Kitteh contest

Thought I’d do a separate post so people will be more likely to see it. Being we’re so close and I’d hate for people to think they entered but didn’t.

Rather than replying to each individual on twitter regarding these issues, I’m posting all of them here.

¡ ! There are quite a few people who started following sniffy on twitter but never requested a code. I want to be sure people know just following doesn’t automatically enter you. You need to tweet me a code request.

¿? Some people got a code, and then tweeted it back to me thinking that enters them. It doesn’t. You need to go to the contest page and register the code.

¥¥¥ there are people who were sent a code, but didn’t look in their DM box and then keep requesting one. So if you requested a code, be sure to look in your twitter DM box, that’s where I sent it.

There have been more than a few people who keep requesting a code when one has been sitting in their box for several days.

<<< There are also some people who requested a code without following sniffy on twitter, go ahead and re-send your request after following sniffy.

^^^ At least one person didn’t provide a real twitter address and so their entry was deleted. If you don’t provide your proper twitter address then I have no way of knowing who you are, and if you were to win I couldn’t notify you.

Vvv A couple of people requested codes, but their twitter account was locked, which means they can’t receive dm’s. It also means I was unable to tweet to them to tell them why they were unable to receive a code. If there is a little lock in the corner of your twitter page, it means your account is locked and can’t receive my messages.

If you have any questions or are confusedface even after reading the instructions on (it's pretty simple though -> there are only two steps), reply to this post so we can figure it out.

I suggest everyone go here:
See if your comment is posted. If it isn't, that means there was a problem with your entry.

i requested a code 3 time but never got one

What’s your twitter name?


Your twitter account is locked. You need to unlock it.

how do i do that?

nvm i got it

Cool. Send a code request and I’ll get one out to you

where can we check whether we posted our code?

Just go here:
See if your comment is posted. The only ones not posted/deleted are ones where people didn’t provide the correct info.

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I’m up to date, all codes requested have been sent and all entries posted. If you requested a code and didn’t receive one, or don’t see your entry listed, make sure you don’t have any of the issues listed above in this post.

I forgot to follow first…I fixed it now though…I am at the awaiting code stage. Bump!

Code sent.

Actually all codes sent. If you requested and didn’t receive one, one of the above issues may need to be addressed.
It’s also possible your request got lost in the flood of entries that came in after Andre and Brett both blogged it simultaneously.

Either way, if you are having an issue where you got no code, please don’t hesitate to just send me another request.


6hrs 12 min left.

Do check to be sure your entry is up and let me know if it isn’t so we can figure out the prob.

I tweeted you (sniffy) for a code but never received one back.

what’s your twitter name? I’ll check it out.

2hrs 50min left to make sure you are entered

when is the winner announced?

My twitter name is @liviauMeda