Next sniffy contest this weekend


This one is going to be be a bit different in how it’s run.

I’ll be announcing the start of the contest and rules on
As usual the contest will be held on twitter.

The prize this time is one of Monkeyfinger’s new Yoyo cases, and some of their accessories. They generously sent me a bunch of stuff to give away.
@Sniffyo on twitter


The new Monkeyfinger + sniffy contest won’t require a code.
I’ll announce the beginning of the contest and elaborate on the new rules tomorrow on the @sniffyo twitter stream as well as the hashtag #sniffyo
@Sniffyo on twitter


Ok go:
@Sniffyo on twitter


Rats, I have to have a twitter…




You can get a twitter account for free. All you need is an email address.
If you don’t want to give them your regular email you can use one of the 24hour burner email services like guerilla mail - twitter will send a single confirmation to that address, but after that you won’t need to maintain it.
@Sniffyo on twitter


@Sniffyo on twitter


If you enter the contest but don’t see your entry immediately, don’t worry. I’m only accessing a couple of times a day to validate entries.
Figure I’d mention it being someone sent me a twitter message asking why their entry wasn’t showing up yet.
@Sniffyo on twitter


I’m getting a 403 error, but it could be something to do with my ISP or IP address. Just a heads-up. I think this may resolve itself soon.


Seems to be working ok.
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Well, good it’s working. I like visiting the site anyways, contest or not.


Cool. Thanks.
It’s possible the error was part of the godaddy takedown being google uses them for their name server and sniffy is hosted on google.
@Sniffyo on twitter


Contest ends tomorrow at 5.
All entries have been posted.

Check out the #Sniffyo hashtag on twitter to see the cool collection pics people have posted with their entries
@Sniffyo on twitter


I decided to extend the contest to Friday at 5 being people are posting a lot of cool collection pics on the twitter hashtag #Sniffyo
@Sniffyo on twitter


I’m up to date on validating entries. If you made an entry and don’t see it, let me know.
@Sniffyo on twitter


Aww, i just realized that i forgot to enter


You can enter until Friday at 5pm pst.
@Sniffyo on twitter


Entry period for thingy closes in 6 hours.
@Sniffyo on twitter


Contest entries close in 1 hour
@Sniffyo on twitter


I wish I could get a twitter…