New sniffy contest on twitter, posted June 20

I just posted a new contest on
Will run all week. Among stickers, string and other things it will include a terrapin dry lube kit (thanks fjh for donating that part) and a clean bearing to try the lube process and play.

Will go for a week or so.
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This will probably be last contest until JuILLY - then all will be ILOVEYOYO related, Including giving away a Valve.
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I’m not sure I understand how to enter ???
Sorry, I’m new to twitter and your contests.

If you have a twitter account, and are following sniffy, just go to the sniffy twitter feed and reply to the contest tweet with the phrase.

If you don’t have an account just go to and sign up. All it requires is an email address.
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Dude ou Hve no rules for your contest tweet it

Not sure what you mean. The contest tweet has the instructions.
Rules are simple.
Reply to the contest tweet and I send you a number.
When the contest ends I generate a number on and send the person with that number the package.
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shouldn’t this thread go in contests?

It confused people in the past when I posted them there.
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Decided this contest will end Sunday at noon to give me downtime between this contest, and the Ilyy giveaway I’m doing to kick off JuILLY

There will be 2 JuILLY giveaways:

One is an Ilyy Valve
The other will be a pack of Ilyy goodies, including a terrapin coated Ilyy bearing.

I haven’t decided on the order of these two yet.
I’ll announce it on July 1st.
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24hrs 45min.
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Guess who just woke up?

Me!, yes the same me who tried to reason with the mouse living in my printer who was rattling around with a corn chip at 2.30am

Because I just woke up, I’m extending contest to 2.39pm pst

Check twitter to enter etcetera etcetera
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K. I’m closing entries in 5 min. Gave a little extra time for late people.
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Man, I hope I win that Valve. I’ve been wanting either a ILYY or a RecRev, but never had the money…

I think the valve contest will start either 1st or second week of July. Not sure if I’ll do the valve first, and then the pack of various Ilyy stuff or do the pack first and then the valve.

Probably will do the valve first being I want to let the contest go for a full week at least.
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Just finished the contest. Posted the winner and link to drawing screencast on twitter.
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