New sniffy contest - will run until Monday


Doing another little contest on twitter. Will run until 12 noon pst on Monday.

A pack of Twisted Type-B and some other bits of stuff.
Reply to the twitter post @sniffyo to get a number.
You need to be following sniffy to get the number via twitter direct messaging.
@Sniffyo on twitter


Still 25hrs 54min to enter
@Sniffyo on twitter


18.5 hrs
@Sniffyo on twitter


1hr 28min until entries close.
Reply to contest at
@Sniffyo on twitter


28 minutes
@Sniffyo on twitter


I’ve extended it to 7pm pst. Being I extended it for one person who was late I figured it’s only fair that I extend it for everyone.
@Sniffyo on twitter


Somebody asked what I mean by extra bits of stuff in the contest. This is this one.

1hr 20min until this one is over
@Sniffyo on twitter


9 minutes
@Sniffyo on twitter