Sniffy-Yo contests

Hey all.

In the near future I’m going to be running a series of contests where I’ll be giving things away, some small things and some big things.

I’ll be running the contests on twitter. You can follow me @sniffyo
@Sniffyo on twitter
@Sniffyo on twitter

Thought I’d bump this. The first giveaway will be in around a week. I’ll be announcing what it is and how to enter on twitter @sniffyo

Winners will be notified by direct message on twitter, though the actual drawing will be filmed publicly with a random number generator.
@Sniffyo on twitter

Sounds really cool!

What if we are twitter impaired(no twitter)?

I wish I had twitter.

Looking forward to seeing the first contest

You can snag a twitter account with just an email address. I prefer it to Facebook because it’s less invasive
@Sniffyo on twitter

All you to is go to twitter .com , enter whatever name you want to use, an email address (I personally have a non-sniffy address for signing up for all these things), create a password, and voom. You’re on twitter.
Then just go to and hit follow.

Once on just watch for the tweet announcing the contest ( this will be a first of many, so it’s kind of a test).
Each person will get a number, I’ll use a random number generator which I’ll do a screen recording, and send the winner a direct message via twitter.
@Sniffyo on twitter

Ok. Beginning the contest. First giveaway is 25 kitty nylons and some other bits of stuff, yye cards in lack, stickers.

This is basically a test run before bigger ones.

To enter, follow sniffy on twitter and reply to my tweet announcing the co test before Friday and I’ll send you a number.

Over the weekend I’ll be using to generate the winner and will post the video on sniffy + pm the winner on twitter.
@Sniffyo on twitter

Contest entries end tonight at 11.59pm. Drawing will take place after everyone who signed up over night gets their numbers.
@Sniffyo on twitter

Did the drawing yesterday.
Those with a number from the previous drawing will be able to use the same number again.

This next drawing will be for something quite nice.
I’ll announce what it is on twitter in the next few weeks.

Hit me up on if you want a number for the next drawing.

About the contest:
@Sniffyo on twitter