New sniffy contest on twitter


Just posted a new contest on twitter @sniffyo - will go until Wednesday.

Includes a terrapin dry line kit (generously donated by fjh to give away) and 10 custom strings toxic made for Teh Kitteh project
@Sniffyo on twitter


@Sniffyo on twitter


Ends in 1hr 35min
@Sniffyo on twitter


I tried to reply. I didn’t get a number tho. Did I do it right?


What’s your twitter name and what time did you reply?
I just checked and looks like everyone who replied received a number.
It would be in your twitter direct message mailbox, as opposed to the feed.
@Sniffyo on twitter


I’m not seeing a reply by @bigoregon - if that’s your handle I didn’t get a reply.
I’ll extend the deadline for another hour just in case other people had an issue.
@Sniffyo on twitter


I just sent you a twitter message. Looks like you accidentally blocked me so didn’t get your reply.
@Sniffyo on twitter


If you want to enter, the contest will be closed in 27min
@Sniffyo on twitter