JuILLY contest - ILYY Valve Giveaway Starts July 1st

I’ll be announcing the first JuILLY contest tomorrow.

Visit twitter.com/sniffyo to keep updated and enter.

I’ll be giving away the Ilyy Valve which has passed through the hands of several reviewers, not a scratch on it. I’ve also replaced the Hot Red Sillycone with new hot red that frank made into pads so I can have fresh response in review units.

It will include original pouch of course and some other bits of stuff.

We are all very careful with review units we know will go on to the next guy. So like I mentioned, this has not a scratch or scuff.
Frank at Ilyy generously let me give this one away being it had made its way through all other reviewers.

4pm pst 07.01.12 is when I’ll tweet the entry info and start the contest.

@Sniffyo on twitter

are you posting it on here as well?

I’ll be posting about it here. All entries will be done through twitter though. Codes will be sent via twitter dm.

@Sniffyo on twitter

Please go and tell me if it makes you confusedface about how to do the contest.
Please also leave test comment

For this test, pretend you got your code from me via twitter. Real contest starts tomorrow (Sunday the 1st) at 12pm pst.


@Sniffyo on twitter

do we just have to follow you on twitter, get a code, then enter it on that site?

Yes. Tomorrow I’ll post a tweet. You reply to that and I send you a code, then just paste your code in and hit publish. Being the prizes are getting more valuable I decided to add another layer of verification.

I should apologize because I was a bit confusing with the instructions before, so I simplified them to:

  1. Reply to my contest tweet to get a code
    (I’ll be tweeting it at 4pm (-instead of noon) pst tomorrow July 1st)

  2. Go to sniffy-contests.blogspot.com

  3. Paste the code I sent you on twitter, into the comment box, and hit publish

If anyone has any questions feel free to hit me up here or on twitter

@Sniffyo on twitter