Sniffy schedule and Kitteh prototype contest

Hi everybody. I’ve (mostly) figured out my schedule for the next month or so.

• Wednesday July 11th I’ll be starting the 2nd of 2 Ilyy related contests (previous one ended 5pm Monday).

I’m finishing the Ilyy focus at the end of this week with a video overview of throws they’ve put out over the last year.

• After that, next video review will be the Monkeyfinger Gelada, the c3yo Sceptre unbox / review, and the Capless review.

• I think the Nessie review will be somewhere around this time, depends on how long it takes for the review unit to circulate around. May be end of August depending on other reviewer’s schedules.

I’ll also be doing a couple of articles about some cool accessories that have recently been released.

• In August, part 2 of the Sniffy manufacturer series, will focus on One Drop. I’ll be reviewing the 54 and Cascade.

• • •

Oh… As part of the One Drop focus, starting August 1st, there will be another contest in connection with everybody who worked on Teh Kitteh project - the prize will be a one of a kind Kitteh prototype.

• This prototype is from when we were still figuring out the final colors. It’s blue and silver with black spikes, and packaging numbered “24 of 23”

Kitteh prototype contest will be held on starting August 1st. Follow @sniffyo to request contest codes and see related announcements.

Twitter accounts are free and you don’t need to give them any validated info other than an email address to sign up.

¡ (I decided this is better posted in general rather than reviews, being its not a review. If a mod would remove the old one I would very much appreciate it) !
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I just posted the new ILYY Contest at:
@Sniffyo on twitter

Current Sniffy + ILYY contest ends tomorrow at 5pm pst
All entries posted and sent codes are up to date.
If you requested a code and didn’t get one, or if you posted your entry but don’t see it up, let me know.

I’ll be out for a while at post office - sending the Valve to the previous winner.
Should be back in an hour or two, so if you don’t get an immediate response don’t be concerned.
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