Sniffy Upcoming Review Schedule and Kitteh Prototype Contest

Edited schedule below this post.

As part of the One Drop focus, starting August 1st, there will be another contest in connection with everybody who worked on Teh Kitteh project - the prize will be a one of a kind Kitteh prototype.

• This prototype is from when we were still figuring out the final colors. It’s blue and silver with black spikes, and packaging numbered “24 of 23”

Teh Kitteh prototype contest will be held on starting August 1st. Follow @sniffyo for contest codes and announcements.

Twitter accounts are free and you don’t need to give them any info other than an email address to sign up.
@Sniffyo on twitter

@Sniffyo on twitter

My schedule has changed slightly, slightly changed again:

In the next couple of weeks before August 1st I’ll be doing the Nessie unbox and initial review notes.
Also the trifecta bearing, I also just posted info and review notes on the new Toxic Metz string.

August 1st will still start the One Drop focus, beginning with the cascade unbox, 54 review, a post with history and tour videos from Paul and Paul’s big adventure - including Shawn showing the machining process from beginning to end.

The contest to win Teh Kitteh prototype #24 of 23 fully packaged will still go from August 1st to the 14th.
This contest is generously brought to us by One Drop, Monkeyfinger, Toxic, YoYoExpert and also me. It will be held on twitter.

After the contest I’ll be doing the cascade review to finish up the one drop focus.

After that I’ll be doing the gelada review, and Capless review, and unboxing the new throw from deadly spins, which sounds to be a neat little package in itself.

I’m also collaborating with Total Artist on a sniffy leather Yoyo holster which will be given away in a contest. More info on when that will be later, we’re in the process of dialing in the design specs.

After all that I plan to go to Antarctica and sleep for a month with the floating bears.
@Sniffyo on twitter

Just got a pic of Teh Kitteh proto we’re giving away. Thought I’d post it. Contest starts August 1st, will be held on
@Sniffyo on twitter

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Above schedule edited.
@Sniffyo on twitter

Change: gelada review today, Nessie unbox tomorrow.
@Sniffyo on twitter

Just confirmed September Yoyo maker focus will be Monkeyfinger.
@Sniffyo on twitter

im really excited about the deadly spins stuff on there thread i told them to send one to you i hope i gave them the idea

I’m looking forward to that. They contacted me a few weeks ago. I’m not certain when they plan to send review units out.

Sounds like they put a really interesting package together with this project. It’s always cool to see a new company doing something unique.

Doing the drawing this weekend, Sunday.
Everyone should check to be sure their post is up.

Posted to wrong post. Hello anyway.

Final August review schedule:

do you think you could review recrev ta-1s delrin yoyo?

They have never contacted me. However some of their stuff does look interesting.