Free N12 for Funniest Video

contest is complete. winner on 5th page

We’ve already got too much negativity going on this week (on the boards and in real life), I think we could all use some laughs…

Whoever posts the video that makes me laugh the hardest wins a minty “Deep Blue” N12. Shipped out tomorrow. Can be ANY video you find on YouTube.

You may have the funniest video out of all, but if I’ve already seen it, I won’t count it.

YouTube only. 3 videos per person, make them count.

8-1/2 hours. Go.

(I won’t start watching the vids for a couple hours, so you can switch them if you think you found a better one, but try to get it in before I start ;))

Just clarrifying, videos that are made by ourselves yes?

Any video

Mine might not be appropriate…

Fine by me, but may not be cool with the Moderators. ;]

I’m extending the time by a couple hours to give people on the West Coast more time

Please remember this is an all ages forum. It’s gonna make the contest a
litle tougher but make sure the content is appropriate. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Lol, Mason.

Ill give it a go
I believe all of them are appropriate.

:slight_smile: (watch on repeat :p)

Haha nice contest :stuck_out_tongue:

scoff! Stole my Malk vid D:

First entry

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you are only suppose to have three entries. Also remove the http// for the video to show up