Stuck in a wrist mount.

I’ve learned the wrist mount because eventually I want to learn spirit bomb.

In the meantime though I want to learn a cool way to get put of the wrist mount.

Any ideas?

Look at the very last step of spirit bomb. Easy, clean way to get out.

I saw that, but when I try it, it confuses me.
Is there a rejection involved?

Ok I’m an idiot.
I watched some other videos and I had missed that you turn your hand.

Now I get it.

I think the coolest way is to learn the trick “Magic Trick.” Ann Connolly has a good tutorial for it:

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Yeah, that is cool.
But it might be harder than spirit bomb :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a lot easier than it looks. Spirit Bomb is hard. It was a turning point for me.

Ok then, I’ll try it out, but you might be overestimating my abilities :stuck_out_tongue:

Once you get the Magic Trick this one won’t be too far off:

Holy crap! That trick is magic. I can’t believe I landed it.

Now for the mini tower…

Yeah, it’s a lot easier than it looks.

The Tower is really easy too. Try to do a Jump Rope from a Wrist Mount. It’s a much easier way to do the tower.

I think I can get the tower, but I’d have to see the jump rope in a wrist mount.
Just can’t wrap my head around it.

There’s a TON of easy-ish stuff in this little video:

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two words:
chocolate bucket.


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Ok so this is what I’m going to try here: Cheese-Whip to Spirit Bomb to Magic Trick for the dismount. While I’m at it maybe I’ll do a boingy boing in the wrist mount :slight_smile:

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im stuck at the part of this video at 1:44

Whenever i roll the yoyo back on to the string and let the string fall it does not go into a trapeze.

the string will just fall off my non throw hand. Been trying for the past 2 days. Need help on what im doing wrong. :’(

the dismount? Are you turning your palm towards you and underpassing on the inside string? Once you do, keep the yoyo on that inside string and on your pointer. Release everything else. The string on your throw hand will unknot and leave you in a trapeze.

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i did turn my palm. im confused on which string should i land the yoyo on.

i land the yoyo on the string closest to my body but it does not go into a trapeze.

strange. By underpassing and going on the string closest to your body should allow it to release.

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omg i just accidentally did it, but it happened so fast, i could not see which string i landed it on. >:( :’(

edit: finally figured out what i was doing wrong, was not landing the yoyo on the correct string. ;D

thanks for the input!