Wrist Mount / Spirit Bomb Mount Dismount help.


Hey guys!
I really need help learning the dismount for a wrist mount to get back into a trapeze.
according to Andre, he says to land the yoyo on the string coming from it. But everytime i do that, I just wind up doubling on in the wrist mount. Can someone help me or post a video on how to do it?


Whenever I’m dismounting from a wrist mount or spirit bomb I always try to “double on” slowly. You know how in spirit bomb you have to roll the yo yo into the string before that first pop? I’ve noticed that the slower I roll the yo yo over, the more likly it is to kind of fall off the string. Then, you can just pull you hands apart, no knots or anything.

I would try to practice rolling the yo yo into the string (or doubling on) at different speeds. Hope that makes sense!


Ande is correct, ou must land in on the string that comes closest to you. the way to do it consistently is that when you are in the wrist mount, do an underpass and ull notice there is a centre string, that’s the one you want to land on.

To land on it, twist you throw hand to left a little and you will notice that the formation of the strings are not stacking each other already. You can see the centre string comes out parallel with the inside one (closest to your throw hand).

Now, to finish / dismount your trick, just on the centre string and pull. Tadaaaa~~~~ Back to a trapeze :slight_smile:

Hope it helps :wink:


what do you mean by twist your hand to the left?


oh, sorry , should be turn, just turn your throw hand palm to the left and ull se that coming. :slight_smile:


Still not getting it hahaha im sorry


Hope this helps clarify:

Underpass the single string. Assuming you’re right handed, this means that you now have a single string to the left of your pointer finger and two strings to the right. You can take the whole mount formation (your right hand) and rotate it such that the target segment and the one you want to avoid are not right together.

However, here’s how I do it (I think Andre does it this way, too):

Do the single underpass. As you go to put the yoyo on the target segment, push your index finger fairly high up against the two strings to the right. Higher up, they’re already spread apart fairly significantly. As you slide your index finger down the strings, they stay spread apart at the same distance (pretty significant) and the target segment is easily hit.


This vid helped me on that part.  At 2:20’ish he shows how to turn your thumb/palm towards yourself.  Exaggerate that movement at 1st and it makes it hard to miss!  ;D