Sorry about this.. Sprit bomb help... Dismount.

I got the trick down. I can get it about 85% to 95% percent of the time. The only thing is the dismount. I do the first pop, I do the second pop (through the triangle), And now I am back into a wrist mount (or wrist mount look alike). I repeat the first step of the trick after the wrist mount. Then… I am stuck. I can’t Get it to land on one string so I can dismount into a trapeze. I have to let the yoyo drop, then go into a trapeze. it looks like crap. Andre makes it look too easy. If you look at the video of spirit bomb pt 2, 1:56 andre dismounts it. Thats the part I have trouble with. I’ve tried to search, but it doesnt seem like anyone else has a problem with the dismount. Any tips to get it to land on one string? Is thier something I’m missing?


Any way you dismount it is fine.

But you should learn the proper way either way. Look at the very end of this video:

I know there was a better one for that specific part, but I can’t find it.

Here ya go I did a tutorial for it. :slight_smile:

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Make the same motion as you do when you roll it double on the string before the 1st pop, but as the yo-yo is in the middle of the roll, tilt the outside part of your throwhand’s wrist away from you upward. It’s sort of awkward to explain, but try exaggerating the motion when you first practice, so that as you roll the yo-yo, you should be able to look down and see the full top of your hand, and your palm should be facing the ground. This will allow the string that is directly connected to the yo-yo to isolate itself so that when you let go, you won’t get any knots. As you become more comfortable and really grasp the motion, you’ll be able to make a smaller and less obvious tilt. Just remember you don’t actually have to move your hand, but instead tilt your wrist.

Thanks a lot ibanez! I was having troubles with this before, but the high speed REALLY helps. :slight_smile: