Spirit Bomb Dismounting

After the second pop of spirit bomb whenever I try to dismount (underpassing to the nearest string to you) I get a knot. THe only way I don’t get a knot is when I pop it through the big triangle which I don’t want to do. Can someone help???

hmm, that sounds strange.
Spiritbomb starts with a wrist mount, and after the ‘popping’ you will be back in a wrist mount. From here you will go onto the string once, and then go onto the back string once, and then pull out…

Soo… I suggest you try this:

Go into the wrist mount, and from there do the dismount manouvre. What I mean is, skip all the popping, but try to do the “spiritbomb dismount” directly from the 1st wrist mount. If you can do this without getting a knot, then the cause of the knot you get is from something your doing in the popping parts.

Another thing to try is this:
Wrist mount, and then push into the single string as you would normally - but do NOT land it on the string - but let the yoyo miss the string and drop down. Pull your wrist out, and see if you have a knot…
If you can do this, then try one step further:
Wrist mount, push into string landing the yoyo [as you would normally]. Then push into the 2 strings, but instead of landing the yoyo [as you would normally] - let the yoyo drop off, and pull out. Any knots now?

…I just want to find out if the knot you get is because of the dismount itself, or if it’s because of something you do in the popping

Wait after the second pop isnt there supposed to be like kind of tangled like an extra wrap near the triangle???

Yes there’s an extra wrap, but it doesn’t affect the dismount. You can in fact do the first and second pop repeatedly and still dismount the same way. I frequently do double, triple, and quadruple spirit bombs.

Make sure that you are landing only on one string for the dismount. If you land on both, you will almost always get a knot.

Well it depends on the way you are dismaounting. if its from the front thats wrong you have to roll onto back string. If you are doing it to the back string make sure its only on the one back string if you have it on both you sure to get a not. Hope this helped hope you land it soon.

i would bet my lunch that when you land the second pop, your yoyo is not coming down through the triangle like it is supposed to. Instead it’s missing the triangle but still landing on the string and if you dismount from there you will get a knot :-. Its funny, this is exactly what happened to me when i learned this trick and it took a little while to catch myself. When you start hitting it (through the triangle) it’ll feel pretty special and you’ll know u hit it right :wink:

Yeah I got it now, I don’t know what I was doing wrong.