Yes! I think...


I just got a counter attack and I was trying it out. I tried to do Spirit bomb even though I have never actually completed the trick successfully (I get stuck on the second pop). However, I actually landed it! Then, when I was trying to dismount from the wrist mount, I messed up and got a knot. Has something like this ever happened to you guys?


Spirit bomb gave me knots.
So many knots
Ugheeggh the horror

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There will be knots when learning tricks.


Knots all day son. I’m a pro at un-knotting knots if you know what I mean 8)

Lol @ The guy who said “The horror” hahaha, THE HORROR!!


How are you dismounting? If you just pop out of the mount out of the front, through the triangle, you’ll get a knot. You need to dismount the way Andre shows in the wrist mount tutorial.

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Yoyoing is a very knotty activity! :o


I there’s one thing I love as much as yoyoing, it’s puns.


I know how to dismount, and I can get out most of the time. I was just wondering if any of you have ever done a trick that you were never able to do before, then mess up on something stupid like in my case, dismounting.


Yup, I messed up the double or nothing to trapeze pop I already knew how to do on Kwyjibo, my first time landing the pop to double or nothing.