Spirit Bomb Demystified.

I finally figured it out! It’s called Spirit Bomb because it causes your yoyo spirit to explode in frustration! >:(

LOL. This trick is hard.

I know I will eventually get it. This thought popped into my head after my 1000th string knot and I had to post it to see if anyone else agreed with my assessment of the name.

Lol! I agree wholeheartedly. All of my knot untying skills were learned because of this trick!

Edit: delete duplicate. My phone gets dumb when the signal is poor…

Yup, I remember that frustration. The formation I was landing in after the first pop was all wrong, which was setting me up for a failed second pop every time as well. I eventually had to slow videos down to like 1/20th speed and stare at the screen over and over and figure out where every single finger and every single string segment was.

Then when I started landing in the cross-arms formation correctly, I knew I was close. All the slo-mo video watching allowed me to see where my thumb was supposed to be going for spreading the triangle during the second pop’s landing.

I know you’re just humorously asking for commiseration and not pointers… but maybe this will help:


essential trick if you want to get your head around the transitions which make knots and those that dont within wrist bucket.
more importantly it’ll give you all the ammo you need to start making your own wrist/bucket tricks :slight_smile:

Yeah it took me forever and I just couldn’t get it for some reason. Re-watched a vid and found I was supposed to catch the string under the yoyo while uncrossing my hands with the second pop and got it within a few minutes >.>

I watched a bunch of yoyo videos for some inspiration. Janos’s tricks make spirit bomb look like simple. It is insane how fast yoyo play is developing into a complex and expressive art form with more and more complicated movements.

I must learn this trick even more now so that I can move on to learn even more tricks!

I totally just landed it flawlessly. Funny thing is I put a brand new string on, hand wound it. First throw with new string and my first throw all day. I threw it and did the moves perfectly! So the lesson is I can only do this if I don’t yoyo all day and only attempt it one time cold. I will probably spend an hour trying to land it again.

The icing on the cake is I asked my wife to watch and as soon as I threw the yoyo she stopped watching and left to answer the phone LOL.

I’ve watched so many videos, but I cannot do those pops they are like the hardest thing to do, but oh well I’ll live without knowing how to do it. :’(

You will get it… This trick was my first frustration trick. But finally I gave up stopped caring when I threw it and just threw it with a “what the hell attitude” and hit it all the time now.

Magic drop is my problem child…

Flippin Magic Drops… I know how to do them, but I don’t have the muscle memory to effortlessly just have the drop happen every time. Sometimes it doesn’t “drop” and I have to spread the string after the fact to get a rejection, usually tilting the yoyo in the process.

Don’t even get me started >.<