ach spirit bomb D:


So i’ve been practicing spirit bomb. I can do the first part alright, but it’s the second part that really stumps me. How do you open that triangle that it lands in? I throw a wrist mount behind my thumb, is that the problem? I’ve landed it like twice, but that triange is giving me trouble.

Also, the dismount to the wrist mount (hey that rhymed). So I get into a wrist mount, underpass the yoyo, and then flip it onto the string “closest” to me. then I drop all the strings off, but when I do that the yoyo just drops instead of landing in a trapeze, if that makes sense. What am I doing wrong here :frowning:

Thaks in advance :smiley:

(M²) #2

You have to open up the triangle (technically its’ already open, but open it wider) after you cross your arms.