Odd "Spirit Bomb" Issue. Help Needed.


Hey guys, much like a lot of you, Spirit Bomb is brutalizing me. After a year of trying, I got the first pop down correctly today, and am hitting inside the big triangle on 2nd pop. My problem is that I can never, minus once, hit the string inside the triangle, as it is never centered, and I cannot seem to figure out how to correct that. I try to go straight with the hand swipe, make the string be on the back of the thumb and such, but the string to land on is always off center, usually anchored by my wrist. Is there a way to make sure I can center that string on the cut? Thank you all for the help. This trick defeats me.



Tons of people have issues with that part of the trick. I still can’t land it 100% of the time but I find that it helps if you pop the yoyo up slowly and as straight up as possible.

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I must have been lucky as this certain trick wasnt too difficult for me. Let me go do it a bunch and really pay attention to whats happening and ill be back with my findings and tips. Hold on
Ok, so heres what I saw after 20 or so 'bombs.

How I do a normal wrist mount is to have the string going over to non throw hands index, then around the base knuckles from index over to the pinkie knuckle before going back around to the NTH’s index for the second time to come around in the triangle and hit that sting. Use your throw hands thumb to really open up the triangle to get it nice and open to make it easy to hit that string after falling through the triangle.
So far this is just a wrist mount, a normal regular ole run of the mill wrist mount. Whats important is that string going placement that I underlined. As long as the string lies across your knuckles pinky last, it should be straight and setup for the hit after the triangle. This is important because this is exactly where the strings need to end up in spirit bomb for that last hop. If its too far up on your pinky youll miss, too far past your last knuckle, and youll miss as well.

Another tip is to not let the yoyo hit the top (by making the string tense from yoyo going too far up) or the triange will be very small. A shorter pop will allow the string to be relaxed, use your knees and bounce a little with it up and cusion it down at the same time with your knees ( this will give you more “time.” So dont let the yoyo hit the top and be much easier to spread it open with your throw hands thumb to crank that segment wide open for the fall. If the string is where it should be in time, youll nail it and exit like normal wrist mount.

that was alot of tryping. no wonder there arnt advanced yoyo books. haha! let me know if you need pics or something.


I could never really understand you guys that learn all those master level tricks.I learned only hourglass and kamikaze,and i am making my own tricks,developing my own style,and i am satisfied of it.just learning more master tricks…man…its a pain…maybe your style of play (even you dont have your own tricks,you have a style,based on what kind of person you are ) isnt made from tricks like spirit bomb.So…better move on?


I hope this helps. I put together for a thrower on Throwers Unite! awhile back trying to help with the trick. He was encountering a similar problem https://plus.google.com/+LukeRennerYoYoSlinger/posts/U2tjwQ68x52

Then here is an older tutorial https://youtu.be/kNXR-sFvroQ .

This is a variation that is fun https://youtu.be/_18NBZYE6DA.

Good luck with hitting the trick consistently!


It’s not like I’ve been sticking with the YYE tricklist this whole time :wink: I kinda branched off after the advanced section but I learned a few of the expert tricks and ladder escape from the master section way back in the day because they seemed like interesting tricks at the time and I remember like 3 years ago a lot of people on the forum had issues with those 2 tricks which made me want to try and learn them. BUT I never did complete most of the expert section and ladder escape was the only master trick I bothered to learn.


This was the vid that I got it down from:


I truly appreciate all the feedback. I rested my arm all day, but just tried sbomb 60 times, and never converted. I think I am not opening up enough with my thumb. Will try again tomorrow. This trick is brutal. :frowning:



Are you getting a knot every time or just missing the bucket? Most of the last part is just hopping the yo-yo straight up and positioning the bucket with your right hand, it will fall back into the bucket mount. I struggled with that trick a long time, and got a knot every time! There was one tutorial I can no longer find that showed the last move clearly, and I realized I was not turning my yo-yo hand all the way over to for the bucket correctly. Slow motion YouTube is your friend…


Thanks to all of you guys help, I finally hit this trick after a year and a half. I cannot do the correct dismount yet, within the trick, but I am working on it. I know to roll once, turn hand in, then roll to the closest string to you, but it almost always lands on both unless I somehow drift the yoyo to the side, in which I even miss the string sometimes. Any tips?

Thanks all!


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Disclaimer- this is all just my opinion and not “Telling you” what to do. all in best regards! :slight_smile:

Maybe you should go back to basics? if you are not comfortable with a normal wrist mount, maybe you should work on that before worrying about spirit bomb?

just keep working and getting proficient with wrist mount exits and then itll all come together leaving only the hops being left to dial.

Think of it like this.

The most core fundamentals are the foundation. The literal foundation apon which everything else will be built. Just like any real structure like a house, apartment complex, or sky scraper.

The “tricks” that we learn after the basics, are the bricks and walls that are being put on the foundation. If the buildings that we are trying to construct are being built on a shoddy and weak foundation, if matters not how much time you put in. It will all come crashing down.

We’ve all heard the adage “Practice makes perfect” this can be false if your practicing bad technique.

I suggest just taking a few steps back and re-drill the “easy” stuff and build yourself a better foundation before building a beautiful sequence.

Keep at it! Congrats on getting it finally after so long.