Spirit Bomb Dismount

So I was able to land the two pops pretty easily ;D, but I can’t for the life of me figure out the dismount. I can pop out of a regular wrist mount, but I can’t do the better dismount. I also can’t really find a good video to explain it. Can someone explain how and what string I need to land the yoyo on when in a wrist mount to dismount? Thanks!

The yo-yo pops out of the bottom loop of the wrist mount to the inside, as it does, land it on the string that is connected to yo-yo (middle string). Drop the string wrapped around your throw hand. You will be left in a trapeze. Hope that helps.

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What he said, but I like to think of it as “slipping” the string wrapped around your hand off the yoyo to the side away from you (that is, after you do the"double-on" move where you get the yoyo on the middle string).

When I was learning this trick, the dismount confused me too. It helps to do it in two steps first and then you can do it garter with more practice.

1…double-on onto the middle string
2…slip string wrapped around your wrist (aka bottom string) off the yoyo to the side away from you. Let go

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I think what your talking about is the dismount Andre does right? What he is doing is when he goes to double on to the string from wrist mount, he hits ONLY the inside string, he doesn’t hit both or the outside, but only the inside string. From there, you can drop everything on your throwhand and it will all slide off. You can also drop the loop closest to the tip of your finger (if you did it right the yoyo will be on the other loop) on your non-throw hand. From there, do whatever you want to do from trapeze

here’s what you do. you turn your wrist almost 90 degrees so they the two strings are lined up perpendicular to you. then take your non throw hand index finger and push into the strings, but make sure that the yoyo lands on the string nearest to you. then just drop the second loop off your index finger and remove the string from your wrist, and you should be in a trapeze.