wrist mount dismount. wth!!


I cant dismount this to save my life. Getting into it is fine. Iv watched all the vids on line and cant get it. It turns into a mess of string. I just cant figure out how to land on the string closest to ur body. Please help!
Most frustrating for me so far


Try turning your pointer finger of your throw hand in towards you before you dismount into the string closest to you.

My bad. Turn your whole wrist in towards you.

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Spread the triangle out as big as possible using your thumb for the spread.
At the beginning your hand is going to be the opposite of an L" with your thumb out to the left and the other 4 fingers pointing away from you.
Once you are ready for the dismount, turn your hand (in the same shape it was in before) but now your thumb should be pointing towards your chest, and your other fingers should be pointing towards your left. THis should split the tow strings enough for the exit. If you do hit both strings, just reverse the hop back, and try again.


Alright fellas im going to try these tips when i get home. Much appreciated! Ill let yall now what happens.

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you are gonna nail it, and its gonna feel SO good. :wink:

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There is also more than 1 way to dismount from a wrist mount too, once you get the basic one down, you’ll accidentally come across other ways of doing it. My personal favorite is popping the yoyo upward behind the mount, bring it around the front and re-hook the string you were on from behind. If done right, if you let the strings slide off your throw hand, you’ll be in a trapeze.

I’m one for visuals so I’ll give you a visual of what this dismount looks like.


I had this problem too. After the first roll, turn your hand. Then, don’t push striaght into the strings, but push at a bit of an angle on the strings (nth pointer to 3 o’cklock…or somewhere in there.)


I honestly could never figure out how to dismount this mount a “normal” way for a long time. I just did magic trick to get out of them…


I used to do that too!

OP-You have to turn your throw hand.
Then learn The Montgomery Twist!


Good grief! I got it semi down after about 2 hours. Thanks for everyones imput homies. Yeah i did also accidently dismount in a few ways. Cant really remember how now lol i hate that!

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easiest way to dismount, is to pop out towards you and drop it all.


Coolest way to dismount is still the Monty Twist!

He does explain the basic dismount pretty well though.