wristmount dismount


In the wristmount video, andre goes to the side angle to show how to dismount the second way, and thats where i lose him.
i figure that once you go on a second time, you drop the wrist and a pointer string, but i always get a knot, so what am i doing wrong?

(Shisaki) #2

You only land on the back string (the string closest to you) then drop the wrist and you will land in a trapeze, dont drop your index.


ohh. i’ve done that a few times on accident…but now that m actually trying to do that, i cant. i guess i just gotta practice.

(D@§h!zn!t) #4

You can try:

  1. Underpass once.

  2. Drop strings off throwhand wrist.

  3. You should be in a weird GT. If so, pop out the back.

Hope that helps!!! :smiley:


It helps to have your throwhand curled towards you when you land on the backstring.