Wrist mount

Can anyone help me with a wrist mount? When I do it, I end up in a double-or-nothing, except it goes around my whole wrist, not just my finger. I can’t tell where I’m going wrong. Do you guys have any advise?

Well, you have to land the yoyo on the middle string, not the front. Take a gander:


Throw sideways, over your index finger, under your wrist, and land into the middle string like a bucket between the closest and the farthest string from you. I hope this helps.

Hapy Throwing! =]

i also have a question about the wrist mount and figured i should just post here

i need help on the second dismount that andre shows in the tut


While you’re underpassing the second time, try twist your throwhand wrist, so that your fingers are pointing towards you. This will separate the two strings, so its easier to underpass to only the second string.

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In addition to Xdohl’s video, I think this helps a lot: