Wrist mount exit....


Okay… So I’ve been thunking my head at this for about 2 months now, and I am just absolutely baffled at how to dismount into a trapeze.

So once you’re in a wrist mount, you underpass the yoyo so you have to triangles. Then I figure there are only 2 strings you can land on: the back or the middle one. I cannot figure out how landing on either of these will get you into a trapeze. I’ve been landing on the back string, and if you drop all the strings from there it just drops the yoyo, or gets the string wrapped around the other string. It works, but it’s not good enough. If you land it on the middle string, theres no way that I’ve found that results in anything but knots. What the heck am I missing here? I’ve watched every tuturial you can find, and it seems like you’re supposed to land it on the middle string. But that makes no sense.

Ughhhh. Any help would be greatly appreciated…


One thing that helped me hit the right string more consistently was a recommendation to turn your throw hand in toward you slightly. I kept hitting both strings which never worked out but if I remember to turn my hand in I tend to hit the proper string alone and things work exactly as the tutorial here on YYE.


Follow ledbetter’s advise and you’ll be probably be hitting the correct string within minutes!


Pop the yoyo towards you and out and off the string and then just drop the string


Pop out and do a quick laceration. It can be tricky especially because the string is around your wrist, but it is possible.


here is a tut:



YES. That totally works! Noone ever mentions that important bit of information :< Thanks!


I hear ya big tyme. I’ve been there/done that. I have spent weeks trying to finish this trick. And, as you’ve stated, no one really seems to actually spits out the “definitive” solution in their tutorials but, I’m happy you got it. Seems too easy once you’ve nailed it! Now then, onward thru the fog we go.