Tricks from Wrist Mount


What are some tricks off of wrist mount? Ive already learned magic trick, this little GT I made up(probably not, but I made it myself), and Im working on spirit bomb. That 2nd hop… Ok… So… What other tricks Are off of wrist mount?


I’d like to know, too!

In the meantime, I’ve been working on getting into the wrist mount one-handed. Throw a world tour, let the string go across the back of your hand, stick your thumb under the palm-side string segment and open it up… and then catch it into the hand!

Jake Gross showed it in a video recently. It’s good fun when you land it. I’m only about 25% consistent, though.

Jeremy from MFD loves the wrist mount. Although none of these are front-to-back tricks, check out this stuff to improve your wrist mount game:

Flowy way to get in:

7 ways to get in:

Build a combo, wrist mount:


Thanks,pretty neat! Im always going into a wrist mount out of habit buti dint have a lot of options from there haha, this helped a little


Here’s 10min of easy-ish things to do from a wrist mount:

If you really want to study wrist mounts - you should try have a look for Shawn Fumo’s Wrist Mount Project.  It’s THE textbook on the matter…


Your intros are too much, Frank! Crazy!!! Now to watch the rest of the video… I think it’s lunch hour for me now!


Bottle Rocket maybe?  It’s a fun one!


Those are they, beherenow! Just doing the bottom one (not the full Bottle Rocket trick) but from a World Tour instead of just hopping it up.


Just trying to add some character :slight_smile:


Can you provide a link for this. I have never seen it. I love any wrist mount based tricks!


This is a really fun, and pretty easy trick from the wrist mount. It’s a good showy trick for people who haven’t seen too much yoyoing.


Jsell, it’s a fun trick for sure! When I’m showing it to people, I exaggerate the whole, “Oh crap, I’ve got a wamble here” with facial expression; then to reinforce that I’m in a predicament, I say to the person I’m showing the trick to, “Can you help me out here? I need you to blow gently on these tangled strings.”

Then as they’re blowing, you slowly let the strings fall free of your fingers and hand, the knots “vanish” and the person who did the blowing is grinning from ear to ear.

I find this works out more effectively than the hand-clap. Even when you do it slowly, non-yoyoers don’t catch exactly “how” you’re dropping the string segments and it looks like it’s magically vanishing over a few seconds.

On the other hand, my 4-year-old son loves yelling, “KAZAM!” as I do the hand clap…

Your mileage may vary. :wink:

Inside Frank’s (frodoslair) video a few posts above is this trick that’s a current favourite; here, a separate tutorial by the trick’s creator. Working on getting it smooth:


^^ I’d never seen that before (and I thought I was doing something original :slight_smile: He certainly performs it much better than I did. :slight_smile:


When I see “trick creation” threads, I always think to myself, “by the time I get around to creating tricks, somebody will have already done whatever I could possibly come up with.”

Maybe that’s why I’m so content just learning other people’s tricks. :wink:


Same… Thats happened to me multiple times already :-\


I come up with a lot of my own stuff - but I never claim to have invented it.  There are quite a few things I’ve come up with that I have since found out were tricks “invented” by someone else.

I think it’s disrespectful to the gazillion yoyoers who are 100 times better than me to claim that I invented a particular move (unless, of course, it is something truly unique!).

Besides, this is a hobby we all enjoy and we all try to be creative, coming up with the same moves is bound to happen.  I just want to enjoy the ride :slight_smile:

Here ya go:


I like using wrist to get into Gt’s. there two ways both of the tutorials are on highspeedyoyo. Here they are:


I watched the wrist mount project video and it blew my mind. I just learned bottle rocket last Friday and I am hooked on wrist mount. This is my favorite thread at the moment. keep the ideas coming fellas.


Wrist mount boingy-boing is an easy way to add just a touch of style. As you do the single-string underpass (like the very first underpass of Spirit Bomb, or on your way to a standard dismount) you just stop under the yoyo, putting a bit of pressure downward to raise the yoyo up a bit. Move the whole wrist mounted hand up and down a bit and you get a boing going on.

It’s “looser” than a standard boingy-boing, which can make the yoyo want to pop out. But once you’ve got the accuracy down a little bit, it’s actually easier and possibly even more useful than a regular boing.


^^ Now that’s something nifty I’d never thought of, thanks!


Do a wrist mount, dismount but keep string around throw hand, do a jade whip, then pull the new loop out, taking away the wrist mount string. The string will be shorter!