Wrist-Mount Tricks


Hey guys, lately I have been working on my wrist mounts and dismounts, and I was looking for some tricks to learn, preferably tricks/combos from the wrist mount, but anything incorporating a wrist-mount is game. Does anybody have suggestions? I like challenging tricks that may take me up to a couple weeks to learn.


Have you learned Spirit Bomb or Superman yet? If you haven’t, there are tutorials in the “Learn” section of this website.

Here are the links:


Awesome, I will try learning those two tomorrow, as I will be throwing all day becasue I will be at my cottage


Another fun wrist mount trick is heart slack. If you search it on YouTube there are a few good tutorials


Awesome I will check that out

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #6

Here you go.


Thanks those are great!


The Montgomery Twist is a fun wrist mount trick. I haven’t got it down yet, but hopefully will soon.


I saw this trick at my yoyo club by an employee at the hobby shop, and I was amazed! I didn’t ask him what it was called though, so thank you for posting this.


There’s a bunch of easy stuff to do from a wrist mount once you get past the intro on this video:

Of course, Shawn Fumo’s Wrist Mount Project is probably the video you are really after…


A bit of a necro, but I just learned this. It’s a fun trick and I was able to do it even at my pathetic skill level. Thanks for posting it!