tricks from a wrist mount?

I wanted to expand my arsenal of moves from a standard wrist mount. As of writing this, I only really know how to do moves from spirit bomb and superman from it. can someone link me to a video or tutorial they know of? Any advice is appreciated.

I can’t think of any normal tricks that start in wrist mount. ozzyvanity just made a tutorial with a wrist mount in the middle. But I think most tricks with a wrist mount are more like combos.

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There are a dearth of tricks that start in wrist mount.

My favourite lately is Waynegasm (unfortunate name, cool trick!). I also get a kick out of Montgomery Twist.

A quick thing you can add to your existing Spirit Bomb and Superman is to do a wrist mount boing-e-boing before starting the trick. If you learn the Montgomery Twist, you can do it at the end of Spirit Bomb, making a 3-trick combo. Start it off with a fancier entrance into the wrist mount (I like “instant” wrist mount) and voila!

Unacceptable! You have homework-

You can even do a gt from the wrist mount.

thanks so much guys, I’m actually creating a lot of combos now, seeing things I never saw before.

Nice! Good job man. Glad we could help. Keep on throwing!

the first trick from this video is from a wrist mount.