wrist mount stricks

im trying to diversify my style but icant find too mny tricks that start with a wristmount all i could find was spirit bomb magic trick and nuclear can some one inform me or post links linvolved with other tricks that involve a wrist mount

Superman is a good wrist mount trick. Andre has a tutorial for it on this site.

Shawn Fumo’s Wrist Mount Project is several years old, but it has a pretty broad look at wrist mount elements (different ways to get into and out of the mount, some things you can do within the mount). It’s a great tool for learning new ways to incorporate wrist mounts into your own tricks as well as some cool tricks on their own. It’s fairly long (over 30 minutes), so it will take a while to get through, but there’s lots of good ideas in there, and it’s good to go through a bit at a time.

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Make your own

I have made my own wrist mount truck I call it trampoline it’s really simple I will make a tutorial eventually but I have bin really busy with our puppy

everytime i try to make a trikcs its already made or it knots the string up :frowning:

Than unknot the string. That’s the trick :wink:

guy wrights wonderland is a great wrist mout trick

A great one is Montgomery (Monty) Twist. Just look up Monty Twist tutorial on YouTube.

there is a tutorial that i think is called trek, it is an entry to the rethink yoyo 2012 contest

Great trick!!! It’s the best in talent show type things.

Besides wrist-mount tricks, there are also some awesome ways to get into wrist mount. I especially like the 1 from 1.5 mount

Oh Ann Connolly came out with a new tutorial its a slack wrist mount move

I hope you like it this is a really fun trick!

There are a bunch of easy Wrist Mount tricks on this video:

Taking the S out of https:

By the way, this is an excellent video. The Yoyologist also has a video of trick elements that’s worth a watch.

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Thanks! Always wondered why I couldn’t get videos to embed.

I just figured that out a few days ago myself.

Turntablism is a good wrist mount trick.