Stripped yoyo help

So i have overtightened my horizon and my kilter 2 i have got these two stripped. The axles are fine, just the place where we put the axle. Is there any hope for my yoyos? Help me, please :’(

You need to find someone that can retap the threads with the next size up screw for an axle. Usually requires a lathe for accurate work.

This may be too late, but try flipping the axles around and screwing the yoyos back together.

It will only work if you have some thread left.

The horizon may be worth it, but the price for fixing your kilter 2 might end up costing over half the price you played for it. Why not buy a kilter 3 here if that turns out to be the case?

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I agree, it makes sense that you’d have to drill the whole thing out to a larger size and that is a “retap” … except … the last (and only…) time I had a stripped yoyo fixed, it was a bit different than this… he said that the helicoil inserts new stainless steel threads in the same exact size hole! He even re-used the same axle size!


You still need someone that has a helicoil kit and an accurate drill press to get it right – any misalignment of the axle is obviously catastrophic!