Bolt thread damaged

after opening and closing a lot a yoyo this no longer squeezes and I would like to know if it can be fixed, thanks for help

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If by squeezes you mean the yoyo no longer screws together all the way due to thread damage then you don’t have a lot of options other than getting it retapped or buying a new yoyo.

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I know what retapping is, I’ve seen my dad do it when working on our cars. But doesn’t retapping require the axle hole to essentially go up to the next screw size? With everything being so small and precise inside a yoyo, it would make me think that the number of throws where retapping is a viable option is pretty limited.

I’ve never had it done but have read about it many times. It does involve using a larger diameter axle. As for which yoyos it can or can’t be done to I’m not sure. I don’t remember though ever reading about one where it wasn’t an option.

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i was thinking about that but thats my preocupation cause the yoyo is very very small so any mistake could destroy even more the yoyo

do you remember where did you read about that?

Here’s an example. I don’t think this member still does it though. You could make a post in the mod/maintenance section asking if anyone does it.

I’ve got a helical insert set for a Duncan sized shaft if your feeling lucky.

Not necessarily; see

It is a fairly involved procedure and requires some precision tools, so… I’d only undertake this on valuable yo-yos!

The way the insert works is you drill out the existing bad tapping and insert a larger insert with the correct sized hole all freshly tapped in the middle of the insert. So bigger hole that turns into the correct size like magic.

Not in the helicoil case though, for helicoil you are adding stainless steel threads to the existing hole, so the axle ends up exactly the same size.

Hey @nyimer - did you buy it from us? We can’t always promise a fix but if you wanted to send it in we could take a look at it and possibly troubleshoot it for you.

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where did you buy it?

unfortunaly I bought them on ebay

Totally wrong! I have used helicoils to repair numerous items. The do require drilling a larger hole to accept the helicoil. But yes, they can be sized to accept the original thread size bolt.


Do you want it or not?

hell yeah, how much?

10 bucks just to cover shipping. Pm me your address.