Strange yoyos


How many do you know? I can think of the black hole, kuyostar, and delta. The black hole has a hole in the middle, the kuyostar has rim caps, and the delta isn’t symmetrical.


Tondo and bist8


Bist squareyo


Bist is awesome


No, that’s not a yoyo


lol yeah it is.


aoda imortal star
YYJ synergy
mighty flea


Guys, some IMG would be great. I will not be searching for all the yoyos named here. 8)



Yyf big deal


throwman classic


MFD Lesula. such an insane shape it hurts when I catch it bad

(Jei Cheetah) #12


I remember seeing a yoyo very similar to this. It was raw with holes cut into the yoyo near the catch zone. It was sold at YYN for a while. It blew my mind - a picture of it spinning looked like floating rims.

Anyone have any idea what it was? I’ve been trying to remember for ages.


every bist.
a few examples:

The adegle rhongto

3yo3 hour glass


are you possibly referring to the rhongto (see above) or the bist stradivari? The stradivari never had a production run, so my best guess is the rhongto. Or perhaps a radian super light?

Edit: I didn’t mean to double post. >< I was going to copy and past this into my last post.


He migh be reffering to the spyy radian light(do I have that right?) Was B!st ever on YYN i wasn’t on very much to remember. I joined a month or so before they closed down


I was referring to the super light. Thanks for reminding me!


I think one was ano’d by Jason wong that is very stunning( well everything is but that stuck out ;D


Pretty all of B!ST.Umm Radian Super Lite, has like 12 holes. I still find the Superwide and Monster weird.


Is it just me or is the superwide response slippy?