Weirdest Yoyo?

What are some of the weirdest yoyo’s ever made?
Just curious.

There’s that B!st ice yoyo. And somebody here made a cookie yoyo.

That one yoyo from Iloveyoyo that has the extremely small gap, I don’t remember the name off the top of my head

Almost anything attached to a Chico Anything Kit.


Lawl. Now i want a pybit. :o

I stumbled across a square yoyo that B!IST made, that’s pretty weird. Maybe not a weird as Ice but at least you could probably use it more than once :stuck_out_tongue:

Audley Photon Spirit.

The lesula from Monkeyfinger designs is fairly out if the box weird, but oh so awesome.

That I have tried is Iron Mod Champion 2013 Looper/Butterfly XT flip yoyo.

Weird and cool…

I cannot seem to find this yoyo could you post a link? The only thing I’ve found that sounds close is the duncan flip side but I don’t think that’s it.

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We sat there for like 2 hours and watched Landon make it. I doubt you’ll be able to find pictures easily…

Its not a actual yoyo.

For the Iron Mod Contest, the contestants Ladon Balk and Adam were given a Bitterfly XT, a Pulse, and a other yoyo I don’t remember.

They had to combine them all into one. And the winner Adam, made a yoyo that can be a 1a and looper just by unscrewing, filling and YoYoing.

Edit* Landon didn’t win. I also haven’t seen his. I actually played this one. I didn’t even go to worlds or out of my own town HEHEHEHE SUPERPOWERSB

I was curious to who won the iron mod 2013 too.

Just FYI, and as a fun fact, the third yoyo they were given was a yoyo that kyo (Kyle Wheems) had 3d printed :smiley:

So basically they made these ? just not as nice fit and finish and minus the duncan name? Lol

No. Not even close.
The yoyo Landon made was half looper half butterfly, in that you could turn it inside out.
One side had an extra long axle so you could take off one half and put it on the other side.

Wow I really wish there was a video or photos, sounds like it was a great contest.

That was Adams…

This one is definitely weird. Hopefully the maker of it will see it and chime in with some info about it. (the penny is just there for a size reference :))

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