Weirdest Yoyo?

It was? It was too long ago, I don’t remember. That weekend was just so… I guess I want to say “Hyper”. I tried to watch as much of the stuff as I could.

It’s like the size of a pea lol me gusta I want it

What is it?

“Hopefully the maker of it will see it and chime in with some info about it.”

Mighty germ…

It’s a very very small yo-yo. :slight_smile:

It was made by a fella named Maurice “Mo” Chavez. He’s done some amazing stuff modding yo-yos as well.

Oh him?? -_-

Haha looks like a Valium pill. Sleepy time yoyo. Is that a micro mini mini? Doe sit have a string?

I made that tiny yoyo out of a piece of Ivory tusk. I made it for my girls’ miniature Collection.


Anything by MonkeyfingR. they seems to be making some weird looking throws over there

I remember having something like this back in the day…

They were ok, but there must have been a manufacturing defect because they all seemed to come with chips.



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I think that the the MonkeyFingeR Lesula, YYF Monster, and YYF SuperWide are on the weird side of yoyos.

There was a company in the 90s… I think it was called g-yo or something along those lines. They made oddball shaped yoyos… squares, pentagons, octagons, amorphous blobs, etc. Wood fixed axles… all absolutely -awful- yoyos, but weird.

I have pictures of the Iron Mod yoyos from this year, I’ll try to get them up at some point.


Yep, because you were judge :).

The winner mentioned you ;).

He also said it was really close.

And all I know for Landon’s is that he cut the starburst out of the XT and put it in another yoyo I’m pretty sure. And other stuff…

G-yos, made by Holgate. Truly horrible, but I wouldn’t mind having the full set now.


lol chips, that’s just too funny, anyway, they look like a fun novelty but they look like they’d be a little unbalanced.

Speaking of chips:

Those are really strange yoyos!

B!st Net seems odd enough to me. X3 Steamroller too!

Aoda imortal star is fairly odd. probably not the weirdest but weird just the same.