Weirdest Yoyo?

Oh wow that’s painful…

Love the 1 minute 800x breakdown transformation assembly.

While not directly a yoyo this is a story of a yoyoer that had his hands insured for 150,000 (pounds or dollars I’m not quite clear on), but none the less a great read about the first world champion.

Sir, that’s a cookie…

I remember when I was about 6 or so, at the dollar store they had something called a yo-yo watch. It was a watch, with time and all, but it came out of the wrist holster and you could yo with it. Wish I still had it…

I think he means chocolate chips

And the Evil Yo.

In fact, I would say that the Evil yo is the best playing weird shaped yoyo out there. It plays magnificent.

Ahhhh… if only I could get my hands on one:

B!st’s tondo natural hardwood brother?

Ahhhh yes… This+B!st tondo= The only yoyos you ever need :smiley:

The bicycle hub yoyo Landon made was pretty weird. Played ok, too. It was super heavy and made a cool sound.

Xcube Seed and Aoda Miracle
Both are great players!