Coolest Yoyo Design?


What yoyo do you think has the coolest design on it?


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The Stradivari and the Nostalgia.

(PutridNebula) #4

Alchemy CU later

(MikeMonty) #5

I’d have to say the currently non-existant bass-boost :smiley:


The Skeleton Wearing a top hat on one of the General Yo yoyos cant remember which now.


From what i have: auldey virus.

From what i dont have: yoyorecreation sleipnir


;D OK, so it’s not a stock design, but it’s still pretty cool!


All of you guys are crazy, its the Pistolero!

Those are from the BA Hatricks.

(jared) #10

muntant dna.


ratface, that is probably the coolest yoyo i have ever seen.

(Jamesofyoyo) #12

You mean like this? ;D


Or like this?

(stephen_cameron) #14

Sorry james, but im digging Samad’s.

(Jamesofyoyo) #15

That’s sick! I have a thing for gold yoyos lol! Yours is a bad butt Hatrick. Mine is a mini bad butt Hatrick because it has a little scull. Yet again: Your’s is SICK! ;D

                                                                             James Reed, Sick String!


Yah thats what I thought but thats my favorite.