tell me about your favorite yoyo

hi, it is me again. i was just wondering what your guys fav yoyo\yoyo’s and tell me how it is tell me your whole yoyo collection if you want. and last tell me what kind of yoyoing it is most useful for 1a2a3a4a5a thanks

friend or not friend matt\ sternberg97

Please don’t make a poll that has nothing to do with your topic and doesn’t provide any productive information pertaining to this topic.

My favorite yo-yo is my Axiom, because it is my only metal yo-yo. I can’t tell you much more about it, but it’s best for 1A.

/agree with you Kim

On a side note, my new fav yoyo is now my new Dna. A must have if you like full sized yoyo’s.


Dark Magic… nice surface for grinds.

09 Aqua 888.

Crisp, clean feel, great shape, nice and wide, extremely smooth, beadblasted for much better grinds, and hecka sexy.

I love my meteor. Its large, it has a massive gap of 5 mm, it has mirror caps to check my hair(lol), It uses silicone as response and it is smooth.

09 chico special edition 888. I like it becouse it is my only
metal yoyo ,its small,and they only made 36 of them.

keep spinning