What's the coolest lookin yoyo ever

I’m not looking to buy, I just want your opinions about what you think the coolest, more awesome yoyos are. Play and price have nothing to do with it. And I mean ones that you can go and order, not paint jobs.
I like the Oscillatrix, the one with black acid wash with red splash, from Recreational Revolution.
And the SuperNova (pink/black acid wash with wilver splash) from YoyoFactory is sweet.

That miroc is legit.

I would say Virus by auldey is a cool looking yoyo too.


OK this thing is ridiculous, and if I had the money…I’d by a motorcycle instead, but you did ask for the coolest looking yoyo ever, so…I gotta go with the Rakuten Nostalgia;

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Rakuten’s the name of the internet store. Spingear uses Rakuten.

O.o woah… now THAT’S a yoyo. That’s gotta be expensive…

5 grand if I’m not mistaken.
True work of art.

But I like the stradivari more.

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The listing I found for the Rakuten Nostalgia put the price tag in the neighborhood of $5200.00

Are you kidding me? It appears to be unplayable.

and I thought the CLYW throws were pricey. Wow.

HSpin Envy, The Most Awsome H Profile Ever. IMHO

It Turns Heads Every Time.


The Envy is a really extreme, polarizing shape. You either really, really love it, or really, really hate it. It doesn’t allow for much inbetween!

So True Java.

It is really good for getting attention too.
People ask what it is, and then dont believe it’s a yoyo. ;D


The Stratavari is nothing more than a cnc’d yoyo. Great work but nothing like the Nostalgia. I can’t remember the total number of parts to the nostalgia but I think it’s somewhere around 120 pieces. The stratavari? Maybe 3 or 4.

That Pure looks nice, wish I had one in blue!

For me, simplicity is what I like as far as appearances go. However, my horizons are broadening.

I have a polished 2nd Run Peak. Really liking that. But I also like the aggressive V of the H-Spin Corlis Prototype. But, if memory serves, I should have an combination soda-blasted/polished Agape coming in soon that I really can’t wait to get my hands onto The strange thing there is something so primal about it’s shape that really attracted me to it in the first place.

I can’t find the link right now, but as far as overall looks go of what I have in my possession, I have a custom XminusmikeX FHZ that plays amazing and looks fantastic thanks to the custom paint job. I also really like the contrast of the silver against blue in my DM2 and the my blue 54 with the aluminum spikes.

I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

You’re right ichtus.
But I think its more about liking. I happen to like the appearance of the stradivari better.
its like comparing monalisa to megan fox.

I say the nostalgia is too awesome for my taste.

This is a modified X^3 Steamroller. An excellent candidate for “Coolest Looking Yoyo”


that is so sick! it looks amazing…it reminds me of something futuristic…