Yoyo with great graphic design and performance?


Just as the title says, looking for a yoyo with great design and performance.
Performance comes first but also looking for a yoyo with at least a decent look.

Looking at the phenom, mvp, or supernova.
But the phenom looks a bit plain.

Any suggestions?


i would saya ny recrevs preferably the mangaroo or 33 1/3 their really cheap for how they play they also look amazing


the raptor and Dark Magic II special edition look awesome and play well.


Have you seen the SPYY Ronin? Engravings look absolutely stunning.


I currently am really liking the design, style, and look of the c3 trident. I’ve never played one, but they are at the very top of my want list. I’ve heard that you won’t be disappointed when purchasing one of these.


The spyy revenger looks AWESOME!(if you like skulls) though sadly never used one.


I’m waiting for my RecRev Sharp to come back from mods.

BORING design. Simple, plain and clean. But that’s what attracted me to it in the first place.


I second this. The pictures don’t give the acid wash justice. I


There is an old yoyo called the aztec and it was really cool looking, never played one though. The pyro and pyro lite are cool if you like the flames.
G and E 4 line are also very cool.
Painted/modded fhz’s are both good players and amazing looking yoyos.
Spyy ronin is also way awsome.


You mean the Auldey Inca?


I have a paul kerbel MVP. It looks amazing and plays even better.


Ahh yes yes I do. Good call on that. :wink: Really cool looking the whole inside face is lazer engraved.


It looks incredible in person when you can really study the intricacies of the engraving design and all the subtleties of each ridge cut in the metal. Everything is placed artfully and it’s seriously one of the best looking yoyos I’ve ever experienced.

@SuperTert112: What do you find “good looking?” Because each of our opinions of what makes a good looking yoyo may differ vastly from yours. Right now my personal opinion of the best looking yoyos on the market are YYR and ILYY because I see beauty in simplicity. I know a lot of people would disagree with me and say that those yoyos are “boring,” opting for more of an all-out and “exciting” design instead. Where do your tastes lie?


I find beauty in good performing yoyo’s.
Secondary I like Very Complex looking Design yoyo’s or very simple designed yoyo’s.


Yes i just but a mangaroo its great, stable, cheap, good looking, enough said. So I would definitly recommend you get one. Also I would consider getting the one drop cafe racer. It looks good it plays okay and its fairly cheap.
Thanks! Dingo


i would check out the hspin Tigorylla. i hear it plays amazing and it looks god sexy. only 1 left!