Craziest yoyo designs?

(The Yo mast3r) #1

Which ones are the most insane in terms of shape?


Look up anything B!ST.

PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T


Totally agree, just look at the Stradivari…

also, S-Kon make some crazy yoyo too.


I made a really whacked yoyo in cad a month or two ago. I’ll post it up once in done moving in to my new apartment in a few hours.


X also made some crazy designs (those rims on the Steamroller are formidable).


Doesn’t look crazy but the new luftwerk yoyo is pretty insane regarding rim weight and wall thickness. Seems Jeffery is really going for all out performance.


I would love to prototype this one day just to see how crazy it is, but it doesn’t really have any practicality :P. It has a concave cup so you could put a pen through that hole to “pen spin” but that’s about it.


I had an idea for a very similar yoyo! :slight_smile:

({RTD} alecto) #9

These are just a few from someone i know.

These are just a few from someone i know.


Bottom one kinda reminds me of an mvp…

Would the square one theoretically work well?

({RTD} alecto) #11

it would not the tolerances would be throw on and if you look its actually lopsided because it was distorted when he lofted it. these designs are only ideas and most likely will never be made. If you want one of his designs buy a hydra.


Anyway, what’s the definition on this 'Craziest yoyo design?

Many cuts with little to no impact on performance?
Machining time?
Number of parts involved?
Design that are highly unlikely to have a smooth spin? or at least work as a regular yoyo?
Unusual material?
Weird gimmicks?
Unbelievable performance?

I think there are many yoyo that are ‘unique’, but ‘crazy’?, I don’t really know.

Example; Bist Stradivari, S-Kon Nostalgia, Bist Tondo, Active People Delta.
I know there’s more, but these just some that I got on the top of my head.

(The Yo mast3r) #13

All of the above except for Performance.


Just the idea of the yyf big deal is crazy. I’m lucky enough to own one, and it’s ridiculous(ly) fun

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Since there is no clear definition of what is ‘crazy’, here is something I did awhile back.


Haha that’s awesome.


Now that is crazy.
How did it play?


The OP says just on a “shape” alone basis. Maybe Stigma, Noctu, or Stalker come to mind. :-\

(rizkiyoist) #19

It doesn’t play good, but it tastes good ;D


you right, my mind must be gone wild back there.