What is the craziest shaped yoyo in your mind?

Avant garde 2

nostalgia o.0
all those sticks in the cup @_@

b!st has some crazy stuff.

Also the ILYY Noctu…;topic=52190.0;attach=12412;image

envy 64

and yeah, lots of bist’s stuff.

everything bist. Can anyone say hamburger?

Meh. I like macarons better.

Bist and x cubed make some pretty crazy throws. Of course there’s the might flee too.

I hope they still around.


X3 Aware. So nice.

Ettore still mods/makes yoyo’s. He has a FB page and youtube channel where he displays his mods. A lot of his videos are actually pretty entertaining.

I respect the heck out of Ettore/b!st. He might seem cocky or arrogant, but he knows what he’s doing, and he’s really quite funny (a lot of people think he’s a jerk though). I mean, he HAND MAKES yoyo’s, none of that CNC automated stuff.

Sadly, you won’t really be able to purchase any b!st throws unless it’s from the BST. I don’t know if b!st plans on making anymore yoyo’s to sell. I’ve come to conclusions that despite being a huge b!st fan, I’ll probably never own the ones I truly want (Competizione, Hydra, Buttermouse Rush, Tondo, etc)

Monkeyfinger’s evil yo has a pretty wild shape too.

That is because he IS cocky and arrogant. He threw a hissy fit at the World Mod contest for winning, but not by a large enough margin.

That’s like comparing NASA’s shuttles compared to one made by a 5 year old with a old Refrigerator Box. But seriously, he can back up his arrogance and I think most of his cockyness is injected with Humor, but I don’t blame him for acting the way he does. I think it just comes through more because people seem to get all googly eyed over simple yoyo’s with repeated designs, when he HAND MAKES the most amazing yoyo’s ever produced.

I know, it’s a better look to be calm, respectable, nice, etc etc, but that’s just who this guy is, and I love every bit of it. Don’t take it too seriously, you can tell in a lot of his videos he’s “acting”.

(seriously though, I was just kidding with the first sentence of this reply)


The trvth is a weird shape, well atleast for 1A.