Stradivari 2009 - Touch of God

(Ettore Ferro) #1

Hi guys,
I was a yoyo modder and seller, now I’m just an old weack man.
This is my last video.
Hope you enjoy it:



The legend!


The passing of time does nothing to diminish ‘Amazing’.

Ettore was Amazing… way back then…

And he is just as hard core these 10 years later.

Outstanding work!

Even the quality of the video is Excellent.

Very glad to see Bist on the Board.


Great video!
The yoyo looks incredible!


Your stuff is amazing!!

this video of B!ST mods is AMAZING, by the way:


and of course he also made the infamous square yoyo

(Ettore Ferro) #6

I realized I never explain how this yoyo is made, so a made this picture to show it inside. Hope it could be useful, or interesting.