post wierd yoyos here

post wied yoyos here any yoyo abnormal or funny like this one,r:12,s:0,i:113

That ball one is an Aoda product. I think it’s a cool idea; not wierd at all.

the immortal/eternal star is cool
I’d say the rhong to is kinda weird.

or maybe the hyper infinity

What the name?

Aoda Immortal Star.

Ever seen B!st? There was a thread with a whole gallery of his crazy yoyos, which I can’t seem to find…

…this will have to suffice.

Here is a video gallery of many B!st mods:
@Sniffyo on twitter

One of my favorite B!st
@Sniffyo on twitter

those are awesome

I really enjoy his videos. He has a bunch on his YouTube channel.
@Sniffyo on twitter

Anyone got a picture of B!st’s Square yoyo?

Here you go.