Steve Brown is my hero!

While watching videos of his live performances this morning, I heard an audience member say " i want this guy to raise my kids." I couldn’t agree more.

Who else loves Steve Brown?

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Yup, my hero: :smiley:
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Gotta love Steve Brown! I still have a backlog of tricks from that I need to add to my repertoire, created both by him and by those he pulled into his 365 madness! :smiley:

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Steve Brown is that one person I want to meet before I die…

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No, not really. I find his performances fairly embarrassing and off-putting in a hobby that otherwise seems to be growing consistently in popularity and respectability.

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I find his preformances to prove he realizes something many in this hobby don’t. We are playing with toys! Have fun!


Your just jealous that you can do 5a as well as him. Steve brown is a BAMF!!

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Why does this embarrass you? If it were to embarrass anyone, it would be him. If it doesn’t, then let him have his fun.

Steve Brown is a really funny guy. Although I have never met him, it would be nice to see him some time.

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You’re right…I haven’t done nearly enough to help the popularity or respectability of yoyoing. ;D

Demonstrator - Infinite Illusions (1995 - 1998)
Demonstrator - Team Losi (1998 - 1999)
Demonstrator / Marketing & Promotions Coordinator - Duncan Toys (2000 - 2006)
Demonstrator - YoYoFactory (2006 - current)
Co-Founder - Triple Crown of YoYo (2011 - current)
Co-Founder & Editor - (2012 - current)
National Coordinator - US National YoYo League (current)
Co-Founder - Las Vegas Open YoYo Championship (current)
Founder - (2011 - 2013)

Creator of counterweight play, and a few hundred recorded tricks (many of which are still used on stage in contests today).

World Yo-Yo Contest - 4th Place
World Yo-Yo Contest - Single A - 4th Place
World Yo-Yo Contest - Single A Freestyle - 3rd Place
World Yo-Yo Contest - Single A Freestyle - 4th Place
Bay Area Classic Invitational - Freestyle - 1st Place
Bay Area Classic Invitational - Freestyle - 1st Place
Bay Area Classic Invitational - Freestyle - 1st Place (while blindfolded)
National Yo-Yo Master Award Recipient
Donald F. Duncan Family Award for Industry Excellence Recipient
World YoYo Contest - 5A - 10th place

Trick Innovator Of The Year Award

National Achievement Award

I could list off all the yoyos I’ve designed, or the 18 countries I’ve performed in, but I think that would be overkill at this point.

So, tell me something else about the popularity and respectability of yoyoing? :wink:


I got in the newspaper 2 times I did something awesome for the Yoyo community but it isn’t as cool as you!

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I would love to meet Steve Brown! You should stop by AZ States next year haha. Show us your tutu!

This says it all. The bold shows something I really enjoy: Counterweight. I have been practicing. Thanks to you, Steve, I have had something to practice other than 1A that I am decent at.

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Same Here

I can do a little 4A but 1A and 5A Are a Bit Eeasyer For me

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Probably the best ever yoyoer who doesn’t take yoyoing too seriously.It’s always more fun watching people have fun on stage.


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Steve is great… I laugh so hard watching his tutu performances! He has a cool beard too- just thought I’d mention that. And his regular performances are grea too!

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So are you saying real yoyoers, yo in front of crowds wearing drafty tutus? That’s a chilling thought!

What about kilts?

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Absurd amount of bragging aside (ha ha), I think whoever “NathanC” is probably just isn’t aware that I had a long bit of theater/comedy training well before I ever picked up a yoyo. For me, it’s far more natural to get on stage and be funny and entertain people than to hurl something around and do tricks with it.

Not sure exactly why someone doing a comedy routine with a yoyo is somehow bad for yoyoing, though.

Actually you should brag it up a little more because you just listed your
hard work and accomplishments, the hero status comes in because you
and the people you brought into the Duncan crew are never to busy to help even the youngest kid w/his first yo-yo. Great ambassadors for the community (or any community for that matter).
Also the early Duncan videos, How To Be A Player, and the Viking Tour,
introduced a new level of play to tons of folks that would never have know about it otherwise. I’m guessing the efforts with those videos and the tours ushered in the style of play and design innovations we all enjoy today, so that’s why Steve Brown is your hero, whether you realize it or not.

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Steve Brown is too old.


aka “Mr Youthful Exuberance”

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