Star Wars IX: The Rise of Skywalker


I can’t be the only one excited here :smiley:

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TK-72569 checking in for HYPErspace!


Did anyone else get goosebumps when Palpatine starts laughing at the end :astonished:

(David ) #4

Hard to be excited about something that has died, subverting my expectations. Yet Sidious’s laughter does bring the HYPE.

(Mk1 Yoyos) #5

Hearing Jar Jar Binks’ laughter at the end was really frightening to me

not sure how to tell whose laugh it is. sign me up for jar jar sith theory, though


Ian McDiarmid came out from behind a curtain at Star Wars Celebration today right after the laugh and said to play the trailer again. It’s Palpatine.

They’re saving the Jar Jar Sith story for a Disney+ movie, because there are not enough movie theaters to hold all the people that would line up for that movie.

({John15}) #7

Darth Jar Jar :joy::rofl::rofl:


Wow this would be a great time for the re-release of a certain yo-yocough @HVizier

(ClockMonsterLA) #9

That teaser filled me with lots of meh. I don’t think there is a trailer that could come out at this point that could undo the damage done by The Last Jedi.


The Last Jedi was… bad? News to me!

(ClockMonsterLA) #11

Yeah, it was atrocious as a Star Wars movie. I suppose if you detach it from the mythos it is supposed to be a part of, and evaluate it purely on its merits as a piece of space opera cinema, it’s not so bad (though you also have to ignore its pacing issues and a number of other narrative problems). But as a continuation of the “Skywalker Saga,” it was hugely disappointing.

({John15}) #12

Honestly, I kind of felt the same way about it. It wasn’t really that bad in the sense that it was a decent space fiction movie, but with all of the history and Legacy that is Star Wars, I thought it felt very random and awkward.

Especially that whole bit about the two visiting that casino planet. I feel like somehow they could have not included that and focused more on other aspects of the plot. The end of that whole thing just felt kind of cheesy. Like a shallow emotional side plot that lacked some much needed character development.

The general direction of the plot was okay I guess, I just feel like they could have refined it a little bit more in light of the Star Wars legacy. It wasn’t completely terrible, but it wasn’t fully satisfying either. That’s just me.

I’m still excited for this next release though!

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I’m hoping that’ll come in to play in IX. To me it was showing that the Force was alive and well, by showing those kids or at least the one that exhibited the Force. At least I’d like to think that is why that was there.

(ClockMonsterLA) #14

I saw A Hew Hope in theaters before it was officially called A New Hope. It was the single greatest global pop-culture phenomenon ever seen, and stands to this day as the most impactful movie experience I’ve ever had. That’s why I will always hold “Episode IV” up as the best of them all (for me).

Now, The Empire Strikes Back was certainly a worthy successor, but I feel the franchise followed a precipitous downward trajectory after that, and has never really recovered. That’s why I don’t get that excited by the release of each new movie. Rogue One was surprisingly effective for me, but mostly only at the end as it went to great pains to connect faithfully to the opening events of Episode IV.

For the most part, Star Wars as a franchise has become something I can ignore.

(Patrick Dressel) #15

Solo was the best star wars movie made. Fight me.

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I wasn’t alive when the original trilogy was aired but I did grow up with the three films on VHS. I’ve always loved the films and I even found the prequel trilogy to be really enjoyable too.

I was curious after seeing the Force Awakens to see how things would pan out. Sure it might have been a total rip off of a New Hope but it had promise. I, like many, have been waiting for Luke to draw his green laser sword and for him to show us how 30 years had changed him into the Jedi master we imagined him to be.

Instead, we got The Last Jedi. That film singlehandedly managed to ruin a franchise. It destroyed Luke Skywalker’s character. I don’t know what the director and writers were thinking but they obviously aren’t star wars fans.

I will see this new film in the cinema but I really don’t think it can fix the damaged caused by the previous installment.


Super stoked. I loved the “every generation” homage to the Phantom Menace trailer. I had a raider in my pocket then lol.

I saw Episode IV in the theater at 3 months old lol. I’ve loved em all (even though some are decidedly better pieces of filmmaking than others). Looking forward to what JJ & co do with this conclusion.


Oh my god you can’t be serious… can you?


Wow for someone so chock to the brim with engmatic gnostic yo-yo mysticism you’re… rather young. I’m starting to become afraid of who you will be at 60 :rofl:

(looks at @yoyodoc for no reason)


Hahaha I must seem pretty “chock to the brim” with SOMETHING if a 42 year-old yo-yoer can seem “rather young”!